IT Skills for Health Workers

Why should i get the IT Skills Health;

The IT Skills Health is the only specialized IT certificate for all officers and employees in the healthcare industry. Unlike other IT certificates this is certifying
knoweledge for the implementation of IT in the healthcare industry. The IT Skills Health is publishing by Cambridge and Vellum and it is an important advantage to have the Cambridge on your CV, while it is accepted by ASEP recruiters in Public Hospitals and Health Centers.

Which are the tested sections of the certificate?

The Full Diploma consists of 5 mandatory units and 2 optional.

Using Computer and managing files - WINDOWS
Word Processing - WORD
Spreadsheets - EXCEL
Electronic Communications - INTERNET

Presentations – POWER POINT
Databases – ACCESS
You have th possibility to get the Module Certificate for each of the above sections.

I an a holder of a recognized IT certificate, should i be examined to the already certified modules?

No, enough to provide us a copy of your certificate, so you will be examined only to the modules of Full Diploma that you have not certified.

Where can i use the International Diploma in IT Skills for Health Workers?

The University of Cambridge International Examinations is the largest provider of certificates in the world, recognized in over 150 countries and is a unique privilege to have the Cambridge on your CV. Worldwide all employers in the private and public sectors make acceptable diplomas and certificates of Cambridge, because they certifies knowledge and skills of high level.

Where can i be taught and examined for IT Health;

Almost in all partner schools with VELLUM in IT with the signal of CAMBRIDGE COMPUTER CENTRE.

Download the Syllabus for IT Skills for Health Workers